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StarLeaf First Manufacturer to Announce Microsoft Teams Interoperability

October 27, 2017

They say it gets lonely at the top, but there’s nothing like the feeling of first. They say it’s lonely at the top, but in technology there is no loneliness to leadership. Microsoft brought numerous first to the industry, but StarLeaf is serving to deliver a first to Microsoft and its users.

Today, StarLeaf announced that it is the first manufacture to successfully complete interoperability testing with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft’s new chat-based solution in Office pairs perfectly with StarLeaf’s GTm suite of systems, putting StarLeaf in the lead pack for those jockeying to deliver compatible solutions for the new Microsoft product.

It seems the days for Skype for Business are number, as during its Ignite conference Microsoft made it quite clear Microsoft Teams is the heir apparent to Skype for Business. This announcement caused a bit of a stir in meeting room and video conferencing circles, as companies far and wide are frantically reaffirming commitments to the Microsoft product line, and ultimately Microsoft Teams. That said, StarLeaf reached the finish line first as the first to announce its Microsoft interoperability.

"With the Teams announcement, many of Microsoft's enterprise customers, who have or who will be deploying Skype for Business, are left questioning the impact of Teams and what it means to their meeting room strategy and ongoing investments," said Jonathan Williams, Director for StarLeaf's Microsoft business solutions. "Our position and product direction is clear. No matter what course Microsoft's platform takes, we are fully onboard and committed to delivering enterprise meeting room and management solutions that work today and more importantly in the future."

Communication and collaboration is integral to a high-performing business. Skype for Business in its brief history built a reputation as n exceptional tool for teams, but Microsoft is turning the page. Hello Microsoft Teams. Skype for Business, I feel like I barely got to know you.

How is your team collaborating?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz