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Video Conferencing Promises Big Government Savings

October 19, 2017

Golden Grove Prisons is erecting a video conferencing center that promises to deliver $43 million in government savings. These cost efficiencies will be possible as a result of remote meetings between the prison and the courts.

That’s apparently because the government will no longer have to securely transport inmates for this purpose. And those kinds of operations can be expensive.

This is all according to a recent report by Newsday of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Golden Grove Prisons in this Caribbean nation near Venezuela houses 3,700 inmates. Construction on the videoconferencing center there is nearly complete, according to the report. And it should be ready to go by the end of 2018 at the latest, the report suggests.

Video conferencing can be used in a wide variety of situations and at a low cost, as this article explains. It also says that 87 percent of remote users feel more connected to their teams and processes when they use video conferencing. And it notes that 65 percent of communication is non verbal.

Meanwhile, an August white paper sponsored by Lifesize talks about eight challenges solved by cloud video conferencing. It says those challenges include managing the distributed workforce, deploying video without creating additional work for IT, maintaining security and minimizing complexities, sparking excitement and driving adoption, embracing the bring your own device trend and interoperability, connecting the entire company including meeting rooms, scaling to keep up with a company that is growing, and keeping current with the latest products and features.

“Cloud video conferencing has the ability to overcome eight of the biggest business challenges from day one,” Lifesize says. “With cloud video conferencing in your meeting room, on your laptop, and on your mobile devices you will always be able to collaborate anytime, anywhere, with the people who matter most.”

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