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Purdue University Utilizing ClearOne to Enhance Distance Learning

October 06, 2017

Purdue University is upgrading its distance learning center with ClearOne technology. The Engineering Professional Education Program (EPE) started over 60 years ago with VHS tapes, moving to satellite and now, three classrooms will have ClearOne Beamforming Microphone Arrays and the ClearOne CONVERGE® Pro DSP platform.

The school moved to a new building but the move brought struggles. Students complained the audio quality was so poor, it was distracting which led to the search for higher quality, according to Joshua Brown, Multimedia Production Engineer at EPE. “We worked with our existing systems integrator to make adjustments to the original microphone array we had installed in the new facility. But due to its limited configuration capability, we became increasingly disappointed with the audio quality we could achieve from its omni-directional microphones.”

After impressive samples from the company, the choice became a ClearOne. Audio and visual quality is at the forefront for distance learning so the attendees feel they are in class, no matter how far away. The lectures are also put online for future use so quality is key.

Another issue that addressed was the echo in a large room. Once the new technology was installed, a very short window during the 2016 holiday break, students and faculty noticed crystal clear sound quality. The largest room seats 75 students while two rooms have two arrays, which detect the proper direction of sound.

This has helped the EPE where it is needed most: at a distance. The students are getting the sound quality that they deserve for the penultimate learning experience. This will ensure the distance learning program will be around for another 60 years and will serve as a prime example for other institutions looking towards distance learning.

What audio platform is in your classroom?

Edited by Maurice Nagle