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Dating App Utilizing Videoconferencing to Enhance Experience

September 15, 2017

Dating as a busy professional is not the easiest gig; it is a separate job. Dating apps have tried to do a good job of taking the guesswork out of meeting others but the actual act of dating can still be tricky. This is where business meets personalization in the most novel of ways.

Badoo, the international dating site, which boasts over 300 million users, has now launched video chatting as an alternative to messaging and texting. While other apps allow you to view videos or “stories” of dating candidates, Badoo is the first to allow real-time interaction, though there must be a match and an initial text to start. Through videoconferencing, there is a newfound sense of whom is on the other end of the channel that is being utilized.

Andrey Andreev, founder of several dating apps/sites, boasts the net worth of Badoo at around 300 million dollars, being Tinder’s biggest rival. With his redesigning of the popular app and the addition of videoconferencing to the mix of features, it is bound to attract those who want that personalized experience. And it is going to make for better connections, less wasted time on uncomfortable dates, and saved money as you will know the person before you choose to meet them.

Andreev talked about the changes to Badoo, which has become his main and very personal focus: "If I have things done, like for example this new rethink with Badoo which happened last week, then I'm definitely proud to talk about this, proud to go out for a little bit, talk, and then go back to my desk."

This is a new generation of dating; dating for the busy student or professional; the working parent who cannot go out at a moment’s notice. Yet, face-to-face conversation can provide an interactive experience where it is not just a voice but mannerisms and a human connection.

So, is video dating the new wave for the working professional? I beg to say it just might be. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle