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Delta Air Lines to Engage Customers Via Video Chat

September 01, 2017

Delta Air Lines is trying to make the airline customer experience as easy as possible and is implementing a video chat program under a pilot program. This is to aid with customer service calls and will start at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. On August 22, Delta announced the news, also noting members of SkyClub can now use their fingerprints for entry to SkyClub locations as well as boarding.

Delta will be the first US airline to accept video calls, though this is not something new to the world of transportation and financial institutions. Hertz, along with several banks, employ video chats for their customers as a way to make communication feel a bit easier and personal. This practice will become especially useful at times of inclement weather where airports are backed up and there will not be enough on-site agents to assist tavelers. It is also going to be essential for busy travel times, such as holidays and school breaks. This will also help Delta employees from feeling overwhelmed as they will have a constant back-up.  

Delta is starting with five kiosks, one that is just for handicapped travelers, and will seem more familiar to those used to FaceTime and Skype. Delta has its own personalized technology in place called “interactive digital screens” to reach live support staff. Of course, customer support will still be available through other modern channels that airline has already implemented, including Facebook, Twitter, and of course, email. Currently, a traveler can check in to a Delta kiosk with just an ID or credit card to obtain a boarding pass so this is just taking that experience one step further.

As for the video element, it’s widely understood that face-to-face communications can often be more effective than voice or text only. This is particularly true when travelers have to deal with rebookings and last-minute flight changes, which create an already heightened sense of frustration. Allowing customers to engage in a more effective and efficient manner thought these video kiosks should help Delta alleviate some of that frustration by providing a higher level of customer care.

Edited by Erik Linask