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Comverg NowConfer 3.0 Targets Hyper-Mobile Workers

August 31, 2017

Professionals who travel a lot are uniquely familiar with the importance of time management. No one wants to jump through hoops just to get on a conference call. That can be especially challenging when you’re away from the office and have limited time. 

These are the pain points Comverg Technologies aims to address with its NowConfer 3.0 conferencing solution. The Singapore-based startup says the solution was designed for the “hyper-mobile” working professional.

Comverg’s new release of this audio and videoconferencing app features a single sign on for faster setup; automatic conference recording on preferred cloud storage platforms, including DropBox and Google Drive; integration with key productivity tools such as Slack; and chat and file sharing on mobile.

This solution is device, network, and platform agnostic. The Intelligent Auto Dial-Out Technology from Comverg allows for quick dialing by eliminating the need for bridges and password inputs. And the company’s Hybrid Calling Technology means it can run over data or voice networks.

NowConfer first launched in May and since, it’s been downloaded more than 40,000 times in 59 countries. It’s available in the Android app and Google Play stores, and now for iOS Apple users, as well.

More business users are relying on such conferencing apps to participate in meetings, as cell phones become the business tool of choice and people are increasingly mobile.

"Users are voting with their dollars and are more than happy to expense their use of consumer productivity applications," says Vanessa Thompson, research vice president for IDC's Collaboration and Communities program. "Organizations are coming to realize that while it is imperative to support mission-critical collaborative applications, users will augment the experience with applications of their own, including conferencing applications."

But some conferencing solutions are delivered as stand-alone apps, many of the unified communications suite providers now deliver mobile apps as part of their broader solutions.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz