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Russian Firms Partner on Automated Broadcast Videoconferencing

August 24, 2017

Russian companies CDNvideo and TrueConf have partnered to automate mass video communications.

TrueConf is a videoconferencing vendor. CDNvideo is a global content delivery service provider.

Now the companies’ offerings have been integrated via API interfaces. The new solution lets TrueConf customers automatically broadcast their videoconferences to thousands of users.

“As the role of content in modern communications becomes more and more important, content delivery is essential for end users,” says CDNvideo CEO Yaroslav Gorodetsky. “Videoconferencing is currently one of the main communication forms in companies, both internally and in relations with partners. Such meetings used to require large financial investments on the organizer’s side. However, thanks to our collaboration with True?onf, mass communication has been fully automated. Videoconferencing streaming has never been easier!”

Here’s how it works from a customer setup perspective. A TrueConf Server administrator goes into the settings tab and selects the CDNvideo profile to create a videoconference. When participants enter the conference, it starts automatically.

Organizations can elect to insert video into any corporate intranet or website via the TrueConf Server HTML5 streaming widget.

End users can access these video communications from any device. And organizations that leverage TrueConf can scale without buying additional user licenses.

Here are few more technical details about this new joint solution. TrueConf Server transcodes conferences into an RTSP stream. And it transmits H.264 video into the CDNvideo network. As for the CDNvideo network, it offers 1 terabits per second of bandwidth, leverages 35 points of presence and 400 servers around the world, and delivers 720p video at 30 frames per second.

“Inside CDN, the load is distributed over multiple servers, to ensure maximum high-quality streaming with no buffering,” CDNvideo says on its website. “Setting up your online broadcast couldn’t be easier. Simply put your stream onto our network, and we do the rest.”

Dmitry Odintsov, TrueConf CBDO, in a press release announcing the partnership with CDNvideo comments: “CDNvideo is a really strong player on the content delivery market. Streaming and videoconferencing have already become an integral part of modern communications systems. Thanks to streaming support, we have efficiently reduced the server load and increased the number of potential conference participants.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle