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Video Conferencing Helps Nurses Study for Exams

August 09, 2017

The HESI Learning Center/Nurses Learning Center is an organization aimed at helping to educate students that are looking to take the HESI, HESI A2, TEAS, TEAS A5, Kaplan, ATI or the N.E.T. In order to better improve its offerings, the center has partnered with state of the art video conferencing technology suppliers to give students a unique educational experience.

Professor Kimmel, director of the HESI Learning Center/Nurses Learning Center, states: "Students will benefit from the full immersion of teacher/student classroom interaction using video conferencing.  This process is similar to online video conferencing with physicians."

Now, instead of having to physically attend classes, students can sign up for video conference time slots with professors from HESI Learning Center. Incoming nursing students will choose their curriculum and then click on an icon to contact the instructor. From there, the professor that is on call during that time of day will send the student a time they can meet via video conference. When that time arrives, students can login to their accounts and start studying for their nursing exams with the help of the instructor.

Kimmel commented on the benefits of having instructors interact with students in this way by saying, “The best thing about using this technology is that students will be able to speak directly, face to face with nurse educators.  What we now have here is the option of not only just help with understanding subject matter but also with mentoring."

This move by the HESI Learning Center is just one part of a larger video conferencing trend we’ve been seeing lately. Schools around the world have been working on new ways to bring video conferencing into the daily routine. Whether it’s for studying purposes or simply to help kids attend classes from a distance, there’s no denying that video conferencing is changing the way students learn, for the better.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle