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FreeSWITCHService Introduces New Video Conferencing Solution

August 02, 2017

Most companies can stand to benefit from video conferencing services. Whether it’s a large, worldwide enterprise or a smaller business, organizations still need to be able to communicate effectively. One of the best ways to do that is through video conferencing, as it allows people to communicate face-to-face, even if they’re in different countries or states.

There are already plenty of great video conferencing solutions out there for companies to choose from, but what if there was a solution that could be customized to individual businesses? That’s what FreeSWITCHService is now offering.

FreeSWITCHService is a VoIP solutions provider and a subsidiary of Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited. The company recently announced that it will be offering customized FreeSWITCH video conferencing solutions for its global clientele. A VoIP technology head from Ecosmob Technologies commented on this statement, saying, “Today, no company can survive without establishing proper, real-time communication with stakeholders, employees, and clients, especially when they have international operations to manage. At FreeSWITCHService, therefore, we have come up with the customized video conferencing solution with all the desired features using FreeSWITCH platform. Our conferencing solutions are at par with the global standards and designed to cater for the diverse requirements of various industry sectors.”

The company already offers is global customers plenty of features, such as IVR, DID (Direct Inward Dialing) and telecom API development solutions. Now, by offering these new conferencing solutions, FreeSWITCHService hopes to help its clients even more.

The head of the conferencing software developer team at FreeSWITCHService stated, “FreeSWITCH is a robust platform, and at FreeSWITCHService, we have a team of experienced developers who are well-versed with every advancement of this platform. The companies can arrange business meetings, webinars, and video training sessions using our customized solutions as we deliver a 360-degree conferencing solution with all the required features. Today’s business communication requirements are complex and the role of tailored video conferencing solutions developed through FreeSWITCH becomes more and more vital every day. We always strive for offering the best-possible solutions to our clients, and help them enhance the communication and improve collaborative efforts.”