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UC Doesn't Have to Be Hard

July 31, 2017

When it comes to diamonds, De Beers Group likes it hard. But the mining and luxury jewelry retailer didn’t want things to be hard when it came to transitioning to a new Canadian office and communications infrastructure.

And it turns out it wasn’t. That was thanks in large part to Teatrx, a Calgary-based AV consultant that oversaw the development of De Beers’ recently completed 25,000-square-foot office.

De Beers had decided to close its Toronto office and open a new one in Calgary. It worked with Teatrx to develop the open concept office plan and to execute the effort.

The goal was to create an inviting, collaborative workspace at which employees could easily share and communicate via audio visual solutions. De Beers also asked for wireless connectivity throughout the facility to support portable devices and enable employee mobility. Aesthetics and acoustics were also important considerations.

During the 10-month effort, which concluded last summer, De Beers and Teatrx themselves leveraged advanced communications tools to allow for ease of collaboration. More specifically, Teatrx developed 3D images and virtual tours to highlight the AV workflow and show De Beers what the space would look like.

Today the new Calgary office has a central server room for AV equipment, including network switchers, servers, and unified communications gear. It has an executive boardroom for audio and video conferencing, a Planar video wall for digital signage (for which Teatrx developed 1080p resolution digital content), connected room booking panels, and a Crestron touch screen GUI. It employs both copper and fiber optic cable, supports wireless streaming, and leverages cable management solutions and retractable table boxes for no-show wiring. Surface Pro 4 tablets and a virtual receptionist are also part of the office solution.

The 10-month effort of planning and creating the Calgary office concluded by the June 30, 2016, deadline. And employees moved from the old office to the new one over a staggered 90-day timeline.