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Turkey's Presidential Complex Upgrades Conferencing Systems

July 25, 2017

The ability to communicate clearly is an important part of any successful organization. Whether it’s in a school, enterprise, doctor’s office, governmental building, etc., having the right technology in place to ensure the best communications possible is essential. This is especially true for government organizations, as a miscommunication on that large of a stage could have larger consequences than a missed call from the doctor or a forgotten email from a coworker.

Efforts were just made in Turkey’s Presidential Complex in Bestepe, which is located in the Turkish capital of Ankara, to ensure that quality communications always take place in the building. Shure Incorporated, an American audio products corporation, supplied a variety of AV systems, microphones and automatic mixing hardware to improve sound quality in the facility.

The equipment was supplied through Atempo, which is Shure’s distributor in Turkey. The equipment provided included DCS simultaneous translation and conferencing systems, Microflex Wireless conferencing microphones, and Axient and ULX-D wireless microphone systems, according to a recent article from AV Magazine.

The two multi-purpose congress halls that received the upgrades contain 2,050 and 300 seats respectively, and are used for concerts, conferences, opera and theatre. Additionally, nine associated basement meetings rooms and foyer and public exhibition areas were also outfitted with new and improve conferencing tech.

According to AV Magazine, “The 2,050-seat multi-purpose hall was fitted with a DCS 6000 digital conferencing, assistive hearing and translation system, providing sound reinforcement for speeches in the hall and also allowing up to 12 different languages to be simultaneously translated and relayed to any of the individual seats.” This is a nice bonus for people going to concerts or the theater, as they won’t need to speak the language in order to appreciate the art being portrayed. However, it’s especially beneficial for conferences and government meetings, as the automatic translator will mean that no important information gets lost in translation.

“For this project, we really had to ensure we could deliver clear audio with no disruptions,” explains Tayfun Konuralp, project sales manager at Atempo. “There were three main criteria for the client: sound quality, the ease of implementation of the network underpinning the system, and, finally the physical look of the product. Shure outperformed the competition in all three areas. The fact that the Axient and Microflex microphone systems were so easy to network was fairly decisive. We didn’t even carry out any audio quality tests on the Shure equipment, as it was already clearly the first choice according to our client.”