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WolfVision Introduces New vSolution Cynap Options

July 11, 2017

WolfVision has come out with new feature packs for its vSolution Cynap presentation and collaboration system.

As a result, vSolution Cynap users now have the option of adding access to Office 365 apps such as Skype for Business. And they can support streaming and webcasting.

“The Office 365 Feature Pack incorporates a Skype for Business client into Cynap, together with other popular Office 365 apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Calendar, and Mail,” WolfVision explains. “Files are easy to access, work on, and share with teammates using Cynap, and the built-in Skype for Business web conferencing service ensures that remote colleagues are always easily contactable.”

And the new Streaming feature pack allows vSolution Cynap to work with popular streaming servers. Meanwhile, a new Learning Management System feature pack enables Cynap content to be uploaded to popular LMS systems.

WolfVision delivers knowledge transfer solutions worldwide to businesses and universities. Apple, Audi, Cambridge, Cisco, Facebook, Google, Harvard, Microsoft, NASA, Nike, Oxford, and Porsche are among WolfVision’s customers.

According to a February 2017 report by Gartner, the unified communications and collaboration space is undergoing significant changes in light of digital disruption. Those disruptors include the introduction of new technologies that call for fundamentally different approaches, skills, and technologies, as well as new go-to-market models. To the first point, we’ve seen the rise of communications platform as a service offerings. To the second point, developers and solution architects are now making purchasing decisions, Gartner says. That’s as opposed to traditional IT buyers, the research and consulting firm notes.

“cPaaS-based solutions are now at a ‘convergence’ level of maturity…,” says Gartner. “Innovators in this domain, such as Twilio, have demonstrated the success of the cPaaS technology approach.”

At least a dozen new cPaaS solutions have been introduced in the past year, according to Gartner, some by existing communications and collaboration providers.

“However, not all introductions will be technically capable of addressing the microservices and microbilling functionality essential to PaaS,” Gartner adds. “The go-to-market approach is also disruptive, because buyers and users of cPaaS services are often not the same as those for pre-existing enterprise communications and collaboration solutions. As a result, pre-existing vendors often find themselves disintermediated from the new buyers.”

Edited by Alicia Young