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Video Conferencing Opens Up World of Opportunity for Healthcare

July 03, 2017

Video conferencing is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, there’s no doubt about it. From the educational sector to financial institutions to healthcare, video conferencing is a major game changer. In healthcare specifically, conferencing technology has the potential to vastly improve the industry.

In fact, it’s already starting to do so. A recent telemedicine bill in Texas is already showing off its usefulness, as more and more people in remote parts of the state are able to interact with doctors via video conference. That’s great for simple matters, like asking a doctor for suggestions if you’ve had a cough for three weeks, or seeking dietary advice. Essentially, the telemedicine bill covers the basic essentials of a yearly physical.

But what else is video conferencing capable in the realm of healthcare? What if it could be used to let doctors or students sit in on surgeries around the world? There are numerous benefits to this scenario. From the student scenario, people still in university or young doctors can sit in on surgeries taking place around the world to learn from real life experiences. In fact, this is already happening in Pakistan. Video conferencing would provide a unique type of training that allows students to watch real surgeons in action, performing anything as minor as wisdom teeth removal to something as serious as tumor removal. There’s no matter way to learn than by watching a real life scenario, and video conferencing could potentially bring that experience to students.

On the flip side, video conferencing would also allow more experienced doctors to take part in the surgery. If someone has a particularly difficult tumor to remove, for example, experts around the world can take part in the video conference and weigh in on the matter, in real time, during the surgery. No difficult tumor stands a chance against all of the world’s greatest medical minds.

Allowing doctors and students to come together via video conference would open up a world of opportunity for the healthcare industry. There’s no telling what kind of innovative new ideas might be tried and perfected through this method.