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Owl Labs Delivers on Promise with New Conferencing Solution

June 21, 2017

Last month, Owl Labs promised to make the video conferencing experience more inclusive for remote employees. To overcome this problem, Owl Labs sought help, which came in the form of a $6 million Series A funding round from Matrix Partners.

Antonio Rodriguez, General Partner at Matrix, commented on Matrix Partners’ reasoning for backing Owl Labs and its goals for inclusive video conferencing, saying, “As much as the Internet has improved the way remote work gets done, we've got a long way to go…After seeing Owl Labs' prototype for the first time, it was clear that this could be the missing piece that helps remote participants feel as though they were in the room.”

Now, it looks like that funding has paid off as, only a month later, Owl Labs has unveiled its new solution: the Meeting Owl. Meeting Owl is a plug-and-play video conferencing product for collaborative teams with an optimized 360 degree camera and intelligent speaker focus. Put simply, that means that anyone taking part in the conference, even remote employees, can easily see and hear everything that’s going on. With an intelligent camera and speaker focus, it’ll be much easier for remote participants to keep track of who is speaking.

The main problem this video conferencing solution solves is inclusivity. Even if a participant isn’t in the room with the rest of the attendees, body language and facial responses of those in the room are captured with intelligent focus on one, two or three active speakers at the same time. Additionally, the 360 degree camera offers a panoramic view of the entire room, allowing remote employees to feel like they’re sitting at the table right their colleagues.

The convenience of this solution extends beyond these points, though. The device itself is approximately 11 inches tall Meeting and contains 360 degree camera, microphones and speakers, all within a single USB plug-and-play device. The design is easy to set up and seamlessly integrates with several Web-enabled video conferencing providers, including Zoom, Google Hangouts, BlueJeans and Skype for Business.

Additionally, according to the announcement, “The Wi-Fi enabled IoT device is designed to intelligently improve over time. It automatically updates and syncs new features in the background to enhance the remote experience. For the power user, the Meeting Owl app provides various capabilities, including manual control of the camera to focus on a particular area of the room.” So, not only does the solution take care of all participants equally, but it also updates to ensure that each experience is better than the last.