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Conferencing Zone Week in Review: HuddleCamHD, FreeConferenceCall.com, Taloja Jail

June 03, 2017

Welcome back to the week in review, where we take a look at all the top stories making headlines in the Conferencing Zone this week.

The week started off by discussing how to keep conferencing attendees engaged. A company can have the absolute best video conferencing equipment around, but if presenters don’t know how to keep an audience captivated, then none of that really matters. What’s the sense in have the best visual and audio systems in place, if no one is looking or listening anyway? Using video conferencing tech effectively is important, both for quality purposes and in terms of making a memorable impact. Find out how to impress video conference attendees HERE.

One good place to make an impression is in a huddle room. As of early last year, there were between 30 to 50 million huddle rooms around the world. However, they’re not all outfitted with the best technology, which drastically reduces their effectiveness. That why companies such as Revolabs and HuddleCamHD are constantly coming out with new solutions specifically for huddle rooms. Everything you need to know is HERE.

This week we also looked at the different areas in which conferencing technology is being implemented. First, I covered the news that Taloja Jail in Navi Mumbai is going to be implementing video conferencing for telemedicine purposes. The prison is large, and a good majority of its inhabitants are convicts. Therefore, they need an escort wherever they go, which can become difficult due to all the court hearings and hospital visits. The jail hopes that video conferencing will help ease this problem. Find out more HERE.

Finally, the week rounded out with the news that FreeConferenceCall.com is bringing video conferencing to Afghanistan. It is the first conferencing provider present in the country through operator partnership. As a result, it has enabled businesses and communities across Afghanistan to access local and global conference calling for free. Find out how this will help the country grow HERE.

That’s all for this week. Come back next week to read all the latest news in the Conferencing  space.