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FreeConferenceCall.com Brings Conferencing to Afghanistan

June 01, 2017

Video conferencing has taken the world by storm over the last few years, quickly becoming a key form of communication in several countries. One company that has played a large role in the growing global popularity of video conferencing is FreeConferenceCall.com. From Tanzania to India and now Afghanistan, FreeConferenceCall.com is slowly but surely enabling better communications around the world.

In its most recent endeavor, the company launched its free conference calling services in Afghanistan. It is the first conferencing provider present in the country through operator partnership. As a result, it has enabled businesses and communities across Afghanistan to access local and global conference calling for free.

According to the announcement, this partnership will be good for everyone involved: “When local fixed or mobile service providers partner with FreeConferenceCall.com, they are able to monetize their networks and add new sustainable revenue streams to their businesses. FreeConferenceCall.com local operator partners in Afghanistan can benefit from immediate entry into the conferencing market, with increased network traffic and no capital expense.”

Since the telecommunications sector in Afghanistan is growing, FreeConferenceCall.com could not have shown up at a better time. The telecommunications sector in the country has grown into a $1.81 billion per year industry, according to USAID. Now, it’s set to grow even more, as over 32 million people in Afghanistan can now make conference calls and connect with others worldwide thanks to FreeConferenceCall.com.

Josh Lowenthal, President of FreeConferenceCall.com, is excited about the company’s decision to enter this market, and looks forward to what the new partnership hold for the future: “We welcome Afghanistan to our growing list of new markets, where we constantly aim to support service providers looking to monetize their networks by offering industry-leading free conferencing services…By providing our cost-free, high-quality communication services we aim to change the way that people around the globe communicate with one another.”