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Revolabs, Yamaha Webinar Addresses Meeting Room Requirements

May 15, 2017

Conferencing has become an integral part of daily business operations. Whether we’re discussing a large, global enterprise or a smaller business, conferencing can benefit everyone. However, many companies do not realize that upgrading their conferencing technology is not enough. They also need to enhance their meeting spaces to accommodate any and all new hardware, making it easy to conduct conferencing proceedings without any hiccups.

Revolabs, which delivers better communication in the world of business and education with professional video collaboration products, microphone systems, and conference phones for telephony and unified communications, understands the importance of enhancing meeting rooms and conferencing technology, perhaps more than any other company. That’s why Revolabs announced last week that it will be partnering with Yamaha, a provider of high quality microphone and speaker products, to improve its video conferencing solution.

However, this partnership is expanding beyond simply improving Revolabs’ conferencing solutions. The pair is taking things a step further by conducting a webinar to discuss the issue of using conferencing technology in small spaces. As the duo points out, “The meeting space is continuously evolving to include smaller, ad hoc collaborations. Technologies in these spaces also need to evolve in order to create natural, productive meeting experiences. Thus, equipping small rooms and huddle spaces with the right solutions is essential but it can also bring its own challenges.”

These challenges tend to intimidate some companies, keeping them from implementing what could potentially be game-changing technology. That’s why Revolabs and Yamaha have decided to put on this webinar, which is being held May 23 at 10:00 a.m. EST. Those who are interested will have the opportunity to hear from Mark Reid, VP of Engineering at Revolabs, as he discusses trends in collaboration, meeting room requirements—with particular attention to small spaces—and what to look for in a collaboration system to meet your needs.

Anyone interested in attending the webinar can REGISTER HERE.

Edited by Maurice Nagle