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Revolabs Improves Conferencing Solution with Yamaha

May 08, 2017

Yesterday, Revolabs announced that it will be partnering with Yamaha, the well known provider of high quality microphone and speaker products, to further improve its video conferencing solution. The latest version of Revolabs platform will include the  Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System, which features high quality speakers as well as an extremely sensitive wall mounted microphone, which should make the virtual meetings held on Revolabs’ system more effective than ever before.

One of the most attractive aspects of the integration of the Yamaha system is the powerful array microphone that comes with it. This microphone does not require the speaker to be talking directly into it in order to be heard, and can detect sound coming from varying angles and distances. This creates a much more authentic meeting experience, as presenters can move around the room to address different visuals without having to worry about not being heard. This will make the meetings feel much more like the participants are all in the room together, and allow for greater communication through he conferencing app.

"Businesses today demand UC systems that enable users to work smartly and stay truly connected, and that means deploying solutions that are easy to operate and never compromise audio or video quality," said Russell Harpham, EMEA sales director of Revolabs. "With the addition of the Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System to our UC portfolio, organizations can integrate the solutions that make sense for their environment and allow users to effectively communicate." 

The partnership between Revolabs and Yamaha is just another facet of the ongoing quest of video conferencing providers to make their virtual meeting look, sound, and feel as much like the real thing as possible. As these technologies become more and more effective to the point that inperson meetings will be essentially indistinguishable from visual ones, they will become a much more viable option for businesses, especially those who have many employees working from remote locations. It was a very savvy move for Revolabs to partner with Yamaha in this way.