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RSupport Launches Video Conferencing Solution

May 01, 2017

Last week, RSupport became the latest cloud-based solutions provider to venture into the world of video conferencing. The company completed a global launch of RemoteMeeting, its video conferencing solution, throughout the end of April, and the platform is now commercially available around the world.

Like many other video conferencing services that have recently been created, the main focus of RSupport’s RemoteMeeting platform is its simplicity. Because all of the software is hosted in the cloud, there are no additional programs or applications that users need to install in order to use the service. It is all hosted through standard Web browsers. In addition, the Web browser interface was specifically designed to be incredibly easy to use. Users can go from logging in to hosting or joining a meeting with two clicks.

RemoteMeeting was designed to be simultaneously user-facing and business-facing. The individual version is free to use and allows for up to four people to conference simultaneously, including voice and video options as well as text-based chat. The business version requires payment, but comes with significantly more features. Using this option allows for meetings containing up to 15 people, all broadcast in high definition. It also allows for screen sharing, fostering greater collaboration.

These features have now become essentially standard on video conferencing services. What RSupport is hoping will set its RemoteMeeting platform apart is its unique pricing system. Most of these conferencing services are subscription based, something that companies should be wary of, as they may not use the service enough to make the value of the subscription worth the cost. On the other hand, RemoteMeeting allows users to pay for conferencing time by the minute. This ensures that companies do not have to waste money on an expensive service that they don’t always need.

RSupport’s RemoteMeeting is another example of video conferencing service providers working to provide the most convenient options to clients. In a time where there is a wealth of video conferencing services available, many companies will look for the ones that provide the most value and ease of use to them.

Edited by Alicia Young