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Conferencing Gives Inmates Access to Quality Lawyers

April 20, 2017

Video conferencing has gone from an uncertain technology to one that has become an instrumental component of everyday business operations. It seems like there are always new uses popping up for video conferencing solutions—peer mentoring in schools, online classes, doctor appointments, etc. Most recently, video conferencing has started playing a role in the courtroom.

India’s legal system has decided to make video conferencing an integral part of the system.  According to India Today, “Justice Dipak Misra inaugurated the Supreme Court Legal Services Committees (SCLSC) video conferencing facility in the court complex.” According to Misra, the committee’s goal is to provide quality lawyers to everyone via video conference.

The committee believes that location, wealth and incarceration should not factor into whether or not someone can access a good lawyer. “Now justice is accessible at the click of a mouse. At all levels, only lawyers who are competent and committed will be engaged and the committee is planning to enhance the remuneration to the legal aid lawyers,” Justice Misra said.

 Thanks to this new accessibility, inmates across India can plead their cases to quality lawyers via the video conferencing setup. Aside from giving them a fair shot with competent lawyers, this system will also get rid of the usual delay that occurs when they try to file their matters before the Supreme Court. Thus far, the SCLSC has been successful— at the time of this writing, there are around 1200 appeals pending in the apex court which have been filed by convicts from different jails around India.

Members of the Supreme Court fully support this video conferencing initiative, with Justice Gogoi saying, “The Supreme Court is not unapproachable for the convicts who are in jail. We are not beyond their reach.”

From the looks of it, video conferencing has the power to transform the legal process in India. From enabling students to attend classes in different states, to helping inmates contact lawyers and judges, this technology is changing the way we communicate for the better.

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