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The Role of Conferencing in Healthcare

April 18, 2017

Credence Research has released the findings of a new report detailing the role that video conferencing services will play in the world of healthcare over the next decade. Researchers believe that the technology will play a much more expanded role, as patients and doctors alike become more comfortable with the technology and continue to realize the potential benefits that leveraging video conferencing can have.

There are several main factors influencing the greater reliance on video conferencing in the healthcare field. First of all, doctors and patents are finding that it helps them save both time and money by reducing the amount of in-person visits that are required. For minor, non emergent issues, patients can use video conferencing services to receive a detailed consultation without having to take the time to travel into the office and have a meeting in person. Furthermore, national and state level government healthcare providers are making it easier for patients to receive access to healthcare in this manner, recognizing the potential benefits of leveraging these services.

Despite the fact that there are benefits to using video conferencing services in the healthcare field, there are without a doubt challenges as well. As convenient as video conferencing services are, the fact of the matter is that there are still elements that can be overlooked when using a video conferencing service. Until the technology becomes more advanced, there will simply be elements of doctor visits that cannot be replicated when using video conferencing.

Currently, more and more businesses are investing resources in developing video conferencing services targeted specifically at healthcare. There are far too many benefits that the service can offer for businesses to not try to overcome the shortcomings. Increased network speeds and reliability will only serve to further the effectiveness of video conferencing technologies, and the more that they improve, the more utility they will find in the healthcare field. Healthcare is one of the most prevalent industries where video conferencing will be leveraged.

Edited by Alicia Young