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POLAR Offers a Live Look at Conferencing

April 05, 2017

It's almost academic to say that conferencing has come a long way in a very short time frame. It wasn't so long ago that video conferencing systems were the stuff of science fiction, and even some action movies portrayed these as whole-room systems for the rich and powerful to conduct the kind of business that ends with villages set on fire. Now, we have the power to conference in smartphones, and that means a lot of new advancements. POLAR recently announced plans to host a live event showing off some of the greatest of these new advancements.

Running May 25 at the London Film Museum—home to the largest collection of vehicles to appear in James Bond films known as “Bond in Motion”—the event will draw attention to technological developments in conferencing, some of which might not have been out of line appearing in some Bond films.

While POLAR itself will have plenty to show, having offerings in not only unified communications (UC) but also in voice and video, it won't be the only one on hand. POLAR will be delivering presentations on AV over Internet protocol (IP), and will be joined on this front by Wyrestorm and Biamp. Yamaha will also be on hand to talk conferencing systems, likely showing off some of its IP phone and other hardware on this front.

Revolabs will also be in for a major role in the POLAR show, offering a discussion on IT and AV management, as well as providing further information and exhibition around its line of UC and video products. Revolabs and POLAR actually go quite a ways back; back in 2015, Revolabs had appointed Polar Audio as its distributor in the UK, and there's nothing to suggest that that relationship has been dissolved, so the two likely still work together on distributing products.

A show like this is exactly the kind of thing that POLAR can use to highlight Revolabs’ products, along with its own and any other products from other distributors in the field.  With so many alternatives available in the field of conferencing, drawing attention to particular entries is likely a tall order. By combining the love of Bond film with the power of conferencing, POLAR might well have set up a combination that draws attention and keeps it, which is never easy to do; just ask any marketer.

In the end, POLAR will likely call a lot of extra notice on its own line of tools, but also those of its partners. That's good news all around, especially for those connected to POLAR. Distinguishing oneself in a competitive market isn't easy, but this plan may well fit the bill in the end.