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Pexip Puts New Power in Conferencing

April 03, 2017

There's an ever-growing drive in the conferencing market to bring out more products in a bid to take advantage of a market that avidly desires such systems. With so many ways to put these tools to work, it's not particularly surprising that more tools are coming out in a bid to seize a chunk of the market. Recently, Pexip announced it was joining up with the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program (QSPP) as a Collaboration Platform Provider, giving the QSPP that all-important extra note of firepower to help conduct business.

The QSPP system offers customers a means to bring in a full collaboration system that can work across multiple platforms at once, producing a unique and useful collaboration experience. Quicklaunch itself is a complete meeting room system that lets any PC become a one-click meeting space, meaning there's no need to find a conference room to get the whole group together. It offers not only simplicity, but also security, making it a complete, robust package that handles every phase of a user's needs in terms of conferencing.

With Pexip's contribution, meanwhile, users get access to greatly improved capacity, allowing users to engage in voice, video and Web-based conferencing without incident. Even in cases where the technology would be incompatible, Pexip allows for a handy bridge between systems by bringing together not only standard-model video conferencing systems, but also Skype for Business, Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) and more into one convenient, seamless package.

Pexip's vice president for the Americas, Jordan Owens, commented, “At Pexip, we embrace every bit of innovation and technology that makes virtual meetings easier to join. The Quicklaunch application ticks just those boxes – it simplifies the process users go through to join meetings. In the end – easy-to-join meetings drives adoption, happy users, and ultimately, increased productivity.”

It's one thing to make a product that does something. It's another entirely to make a product that makes something easier to do. That's the kind of thing that can prove to be a significant competitive advantage, and the kind of thing that draws in new users. By bringing in Pexip, the QSPP has improved its overall capability in the field and provided an excellent new angle to its value proposition: this is the system that's easy to use, and thus won't sit around unused while the user base goes off and finds something it can work with by shadow IT instead.

The most valuable systems are often the ones most used, and with Pexip, the QSPP has improved the chances that it will prove the most frequently used in conferencing systems.