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Konftel's New Phone, App Simplify Conferencing

March 22, 2017

Conferencing’s value continues to astonish the business world, allowing firms to enjoy face-to-face contact—or at least a close facsimile—without requiring the massive expense that business travel normally requires. A host of new developments has emerged in this market in recent years, and one of the latest comes from Konftel, offering both a new phone and a new app to help make conferencing that much easier.

The new phone, the Konftel 300IPx, offers some impressive new options for those eager for a stationary system that allows for the best in conferencing. Compatible with session initiation protocol (SIP) as well as unified communications (UC) thanks to a USB connection, it allows for quick conferencing thanks to a conference bridge system. It readily connects to various expansion microphones and public address (PA) systems, and makes for rapid and effective setup. It even boasts the ability to record conversations to a memory card, though there may be some legal issues around the use of call recording in conferencing. Future upgrades can come through a simple Web-based connection, and the system works well with a variety of PC-based meeting tools from Skype for Business to Avaya and others.

That alone makes the Konftel 300IPx a useful new addition, but it only gets better from there. Using the new app, Konftel Unite, opens up a

Image via Konftel

whole new set of possibilities from there. With Konftel Unite, the 300IPx can more readily use near-field communications (NFC) for quick connection, as well as new access to both phone and meeting management tools, making joining a conference one-click easy. Both the app and the phone are set to be available this April.

This isn't exactly a new combination; physical releases of product have had accompanying apps for some time now. Seeing this combination in a conferencing phone system, though, is somewhat novel, and will likely go over well in the near term. There's a lot to like about this concept, and companies all over should be able to find value in not only using conferencing systems, but in a system that makes using these conferencing systems that much easier with an app's power to back them.

Konftel's new connection of phone and app should mean a lot of value, and the end result should make it attractive to potential buyers. Conferencing alone is valuable, but conferencing with dedicated hardware that's app-simple to run is an even better prospect.