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Revolabs Set to Show New Conferencing Tools

March 15, 2017

Advances in the conferencing space take place almost every day, and despite this flurry of new advances, there's often a real sense of surprise to see what's emerged most recently. Revolabs—along with its parent company Yamaha—will be showing off a something new of its own at an upcoming industry event where the pair will bring out not only a new collaboration product, but also the Revolabs lineup of tools to support this product.

One of the biggest new additions at the show will be the Executive Elite line of wireless microphones, offering service in two, four or eight-channel models and which work well with a variety of microphone systems already on hand. The Executive Elite line offers the best in audio transmission, backed up by excellent security to keep those microphones from turning into inadvertent transmitters.

A set of unified communications (UC) and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) devices will also be on hand, ranging from the FLX UC 500 to the FLX UC 1500. This allows Revolabs to offer a complete slate of solutions geared toward addressing most any range of options and use cases that may crop up.   There will also be the YVC-300 and YVC-1000 conference phones on display geared toward the smaller work group of about four to six users.

Topping it off, though, will be the introduction of a completely new product category, which Revolabs' president and CEO JP Carney introduced with some remarks: “As the meeting place environment continues to evolve to include smaller, ad hoc collaboration spaces, organizations are wrestling with how to simplify the communications experience without sacrificing quality. Working with our parent company Yamaha, we used our expertise in creating natural, productive meeting experiences to approach the challenges these new spaces present.”

The clear takeaway from all this is that the combined efforts of Yamaha and Revolabs are offering an incredible variety of options in the conferencing space. From new product classes to old product lines used in a new way backed up by these new products, this duo is bringing out an incredible slate of options to help users stay connected without the need for cumbersome travel. While there won't be a shortage of competitors here, Revolabs and Yamaha will be able to compete on the strength of a wide and varied product line as well as clear name recognition.

With conferencing itself gaining a lot of ground, that's a great opportunity for businesses to step in and go for a slice of a rapidly-expanding market. Yamaha and Revolabs are well-positioned to do just that, and should have value on their side.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi