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Cisco Spark Board Changes Conferencing for Remote Workers

March 13, 2017

Advancements in conferencing never cease to amaze. With the mobile workforce becoming more popular by the day, solutions are needed to help everyone collaborate as if they were in the same conference room. It seems like there are always new companies popping up with “the next big thing” that’s sure to revolutionize conferencing and collaboration, thus making competition incredibly tight. However, Cisco Hong Kong just made a move that could very well separate it from the pack.

The company just revealed that 350 of its Cisco Hong Kong staff members have been collaborating in cloud-based meeting rooms by using Cisco Spark. It is made up of the Cisco Spark Meetings mobile app and the new Cisco Spark Board, which is a 55-inch tablet-like device. With Cisco Spark, employees have been conducting presentations, collaborating on a digital white board and joining HD conferencing sessions in the single all-in-one device.

Just think about what this could mean for the mobile workforce. Sure, video conferencing exists to make it seem like everyone is together discussing a particular project, but sharing documents and ideas is still rather difficult. The Cisco Spark Board solves this issue by acting as an actual presentation device. It allows people to attend and collaborate in virtual meetings, which means they can share their own screens with one click, whether they’re using PCs. Macs, tablets or mobile phones.

Screen-sharing could potentially be a game-changer to the entire concept of virtual meetings, because it allows everyone to see the same thing as the speaker—as if they’re all in the same meeting room watching a presentation. So it doesn’t matter if someone in Hong Kong is conferencing with someone in the U.S., no one is missing out because they’re all seeing the same materials.

Video and sound quality issues were also addressed with the release of the Cisco Spark Board. Past conferencing solutions have had blurry video and choppy audio, making it hard to keep track of the conversation and making it even more apparent that the participants were worlds away. Poor quality makes it hard to stay engaged during a video conference, which is ultimately bad for all involved. The Cisco Spark Board has “theater-quality” audio and 4K HD video with intelligent framing, effectively eliminating those issues.

The new Cisco Spark Board has the ability to transform video conferencing and the way remote workers collaborate. Let’s see how it goes, and what competitors come up with to best this latest conferencing tech advancement. 

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Edited by Stefania Viscusi