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Conferencing Scheduling Easier with Timebridge, Anymeeting Deal

February 09, 2017

One of the hardest things about conferencing in general is setting up the time for a conference. With schedules wildly variable and many users not even in the office to consult about schedules thanks to the growth of mobile workforce technology, it's easy to see where the problem can show up. Recently, AnyMeeting acquired Timebridge in a move that would help on that front by offering a collaborative online scheduling system that should smooth out the rough spots.

Timebridge, which has over 250,000 users to its credit, is currently in use by several different breeds of user from sales to marketing professionals and beyond. Though the terms of the acquisition weren't detailed, AnyMeeting likely paid well to land Timebridge and make it much easier to share more detailed calendar information across small numbers of participants.

Since Timebridge is a cloud-based system as it stands, that makes it easy to incorporate into AnyMeeting's operations, which are likewise cloud-based. It also makes for a great potential simplifying effect for operations; reports suggest we send over a million emails a month related to scheduling conferencing sessions and organizing meetings. A system like Timebridge could make things that much easier. Integration of the two systems is said to be taking place over the next several months in a bid to unify the two processes and get the most out of them.

AnyMeeting founder and CEO Costin Tuculescu, commented, “We are excited about the addition of Timebridge to our growing platform of sales and marketing engagement tools for small businesses. Like AnyMeeting, Timebridge is known for its ease of use, great value, and growing user base. We are looking forward to leveraging this acquisition with our other product development to provide a fully integrated sales and marketing engagement platform that will make AnyMeeting the tool of choice for sales and marketing leaders in small business.”

There's no doubt that saving time often equates to saving money, particularly for small businesses that need every second in a bid to put it to productive work. The combination of AnyMeeting and Timebridge could make some significant strides forward in making it easier to stage conferencing sessions, which in turn allows for more and better collaboration with all the information on hand necessary to make decisions. That's a clear value for businesses, and one that should make AnyMeeting a more attractive prospect in an increasingly competitive market for conferencing solutions.

In the end, it's all about value, and the new capabilities Timebridge will provide AnyMeeting's operations with that much more value going in. While it may not sway many buying decisions, it should sway at least some, and that's a consideration worth making.