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R-HUB's TurboMeeting 6.1 Supports More Conferencing Features

January 10, 2017

Having a portable device that is capable of providing Web/video/audio conferencing has changed the way companies communicate with their employees and the organizations they do business with. The technology within smartphones and tablets can now bring participants together to collaborate anytime and anywhere. Version 6.1 of TurboMeeting by R-HUB Communications has improved Web conferencing performance along with Android and iOS solutions for mobile connectivity to add value to real-time collaboration.

R-HUB Communications has created a solution that allows companies to not be constrained by limitations of the Web/video/audio conferencing pricing structures in the marketplace. The company provides a remote support server that lets its users own and control how they communicate without monthly subscription fees or third-party surveillance risks.

The company's platform gives organizations the ability to provide access to real-time collaboration services for any number of employees, anytime and anywhere, whether it is 10, 100,000 or more participants.

Having propriety hardware on-premises provides increased security. The R-HUB server is a sealed and dedicated device designed to deliver 24x7 unattended services and support with plug-and-play features. It also doesn’t need an IT team or maintenance due to its system firmware, which updates itself by default. And because it is platform independent, meaning there's nothing to download for viewing participants, the company says it can join meetings in fewer than five seconds.

As for security, it is hardened at the application and operating system level, and, according to the company, it runs without the need of putting it behind a firewall because it is self-protected.

TurboMeeting allows workgroups to host secure internal meetings and remotely access the files on their desktop while on-the-go. Sales presentations, training and educational webinars, remote support services for IT pros and more can be carried out with this solution. With version 6.1, the company has added features that are becoming essential in today's collaborative business environment.

Some of the new features include concurrent annotation, HD video recording and conversion to MP4, MAC remote access, desktop streaming, mobile presenter, customized email template and meeting registration service.

The concurrent annotation feature is going to allow participants on PC, MAC, iOS and Android to annotate in a meeting and let these annotations be recorded. This type of capability makes it possible for students and teachers as well as other presenters and participants to engage during a presentation without additional applications.

Edited by Alicia Young