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Conferencing Becoming an Important Management Tool for Today's Workforce

January 06, 2017

Today’s workplace is undergoing a transformation and employees are often geographically dispersed, mobile and working with an increasing number of devices through a diverse set of mediums. The workforce is expanding technologically and when it comes to managing this new breed of employee, there are definitely challenges.

Management is evolving in tandem with the workforce, and conferencing is becoming a powerful solution for managers. Conferencing is not only useful for communication and collaboration among employees, but as valuable management tool. MarketsandMarkets expects the global enterprise video market to reach $36.84 billion by 2020, largely fueled by accessibility for remote workers, productivity increases and cost reduction. The market includes videoconferencing, web conferencing, webcasting and video streaming, all valuable tools for managing an increasingly dispersed and diverse workforce.

One of the key benefits of using conferencing for management is the interpersonal, visual aspect. Eye contact is an essential part of communication and there are certain conversations that demand face-to-face contact. Conferencing also enables valuable visual feedback, enabling managers to show and demonstrate processes to workers in a way that is simply not possible using just voice or messaging. And collaborative capabilities like file sharing add value to the experience, leading to productivity increases and smoother operations in general.

According to collaboration experts Premiere Global Services, 56 percent of CFOs would invest in conferencing as a management tool simply to reduce travel expenditures. Conferencing has been proven to cut travel costs by 30 percent – a significant savings for any company looking to trim fat. Videoconferencing has also proven useful in the recruiting and hiring process, enabling access to a broader and more geographically dispersed pool of candidates.

With its myriad benefits, ease of deployment and use and relatively low costs, conferencing is an important tool for today’s transforming workforce. Bringing leaders and workers together in ways that mere voice or text messaging cannot, videoconferencing is a valuable asset for managing an expanding, global workforce.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi