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Polaris to Resell BlueJeans Videoconferencing Applications

November 07, 2016

Polaris, a reseller of videoconferencing hardware and software in Australia and the surrounding region, has announced that it will begin a partnership with BlueJeans, the developer of a cloud-based communications application.

BlueJeans has acted as a player in over-the-top video for several years, and it has seen its share of partnerships come to fruition just this year. It has a clear path forward with those companies and now with Polaris, which will use the BlueJeans network to offer its own clients access to features such as conferencing, call recording, screen sharing and text-based chat.

Of course, a communications network can only be as good as the hardware it’s paired with – a point Wayne Guest, founder of Polaris, points out within his company’s announcement.

“The quality and effectiveness of BlueJeans’ video communications platform is in-line with our belief that a user’s communication experience is only as good as the software and hardware they use,” Guest said.

He further indicated that Polaris would resell the two primary products BlueJeans offers: OnVideo and Primetime. OnVideo allows enterprises of any size to host video meetings with anywhere from one to 100 participants. This can make a good match for any company that wishes to conduct regular meetings with its staff, who may reside in remote locations. Furthermore, it can fit the model of webcasts by allowing customers to participate in company-led presentations. It supports connections from desktop and mobile devices as well as dedicated conferencing room systems like Polaris might sell.

Primetime bumps that capability up to 5,000 participants. It integrates broadcast video with screen sharing and can support texting to handle everything from display of a host’s comments to live question and answer sessions.

This partnership is expected to make a significant impact on the Asia Pacific region and the countries of New Zealand and Australia. BlueJeans called the Polaris products both powerful and affordable, features meant to impress a future client base and which have already made a mark on the two companies involved here at the outset.

Edited by Alicia Young