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Conferencing Zone Week in Review: TrueConf, OmniJoin, Revolabs

November 05, 2016

Welcome to another look at all the top stories making headlines in the conferencing market this week.

A new offering from Digital Video Enterprises is out to further enhance how business users collaborate. The new offering DVE Huddle Room Eye Contact Display and HD broadcast camera optics makes it possible for users to pick apps they want to use to communicate – such as Google Hangouts, Microsoft Skype, Vidyo, Polycom –  and integrates a soft client to avoid limitations from any legacy systems.

The application-based broadcast solution can be connected to all desktop and room telepresence endpoints and makes true eye to eye communications a reality.

Also this week, TrueConf, a company that develops video conferencing software, announced the release of its new user end point named Terminal 2.0 that makes it possible for users to connect to meeting rooms.

“Videoconferencing market is moving towards universal PC-based solutions, which will gradually crowd out specialized legacy video conferencing systems,” commented Dmitrii Odintso, business development director at TrueConf . “There are several major factors: firstly, we can see strong demand for quality peripheral equipment, which is becoming more affordable. Secondly, a modern meeting room has to meet a lot of challenges which are already beyond the reach of traditional video conferencing systems. A conference room can no longer operate without a PC equipped with a full set of different collaboration applications.”

Also this week, brother and its OmniJoin Web conferencing division, OmniJoin, which develops healthcare communications software, announced a new online waiting room offering that makes it possible to have telehealth visits.

The new offering was created I hopes to reduce the time patients have to spend preparing for doctor visits and also leaves healthcare professionals with more time to focus on their core tasks.

 OmniJoin Vice President of Marketing Bill Henderson said, “As the telehealth industry grows and more patients experience virtual care, the need for an improved online experience is critical to keeping patients satisfied,” Henderson said. “In fact, telehealth interactions have the power to improve satisfaction by reducing overall wait time compared to in-person visits. The OmniJoin Waiting Room feature was designed with healthcare providers in mind, but we also see the use of this feature carrying over to many other areas of business.”

Finally – conferencing solutions provider Revolabs recently hosted a webinar to explore the topic of wireless readiness.  Check out the details HERE if you’re interested.

That’s all for this week – be sure to check back for all the latest Conferencing news as it happens. Until next week…