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Three Effective Ways to Enhance Your Staff and Retention Rate by Using Video Conferencing

October 17, 2016

Retaining your employees after hiring them is a common challenge in the staffing services sector. The strain of retaining temporary workers and external staff has caught a lot of media attention. However, there is also a significant decline in retention rates of permanent staff (internal employees). Effective communication is the foundation of business operations. Communication tools such as video conferencing can make a tangible difference in boosting business productivity and increasing employee retention rates. Keep reading and learn how you can leverage video conferencing to enhance your company’s workforce.

1. Optimizing the recruitment process

Your company relies heavily on people (workforce) to achieve its goals. Although established businesses have focused on sourcing the ideal talent, only powerful industry leaders such as Google have managed to prioritize this aspect. By capitalizing on video conferencing services, you can expand your search for best talents outside your local area. This move gives you unparalleled access to applicants for face-to-face meetings. Video conferencing offers interviewers ideal insight into prospective hires and eliminates the travel expenditures on flights and accommodation for earlier stage interviews.

By expanding the applicant pool, you are exposing your business to the highly qualified applicants who match perfectly with the corporate culture of your company. Additionally, you can interview candidates of diverse personalities, talents, and experience and come up with stronger teams that are more reliable and fruitful.

2. Improve the retention rate of first-class employees

Apart from effectively selecting, interviewing, and hiring qualified job applicants, you can utilize video conferencing to retain your current employees by permitting them to telecommute rather than showing up to the office on a daily basis. According to a recent study posted on Inc.com, more than 80 percent of workers aged between 35 and 44 prefer to work from the comfort of their home. The implication of this study is that this group of employees will not hesitate to send you their resignation letter once they land an opportunity to work remotely.

As a business owner, your primary aim should be to ensure the special needs and desires of your employees are addressed. For instance, you can utilize high definition video conferencing tools to communicate with workers who prefer to work remotely. That way, your employees will work from places they prefer and in return, your business will accrue immense profits. Thus, high employee retention rates serve as insurance for business prosperity. Video conferencing services form a virtual meeting space that allows face-to-face interaction, and with video sharing, slideshow, file, and document, workers can remotely carry out all their duties. Video conferencing coupled with the Internet has the power to foster the success of your business. http://thefutureofthings.com/8538-three-effective-ways-enhance-staff-retention-rate-using-video-conferencing/

3. Training sessions and business-wide internal meetings

Employees remain loyal to their employers once they see a significant development in their career. Through training, your workers can ascend from one position to the next, and eventually become part of the senior management team. The direct outcome of employees’ professional growth and increased productive is amplified returns for your business. Video conferencing allows your company to provide training sessions to employees irrespective of their geographical positions. However, you will need to come up with well-structured training sessions that your staff can easily grasp. You can deliver latest updates about your business by conducting a live meeting. Unlike basic email memo, a live session gives an opportunity for workers to participate in a debate.

Working remotely minimizes commute times and ensures employee satisfaction. In an interview posted on Harvard Business Review, the veteran entrepreneur and founder (James Liang) explains how expanding telecommuting opportunities was instrumental in the success of his company. James Liang and his team established those employees who worked remotely completed 13.5 percent more calls than those in the office did. Therefore, if you are interested in enhancing retention rates, offering training sessions to new workers, boosting employee morale, and guaranteeing compliance in the workplace, you should take advantage of video conferencing tools. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi