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Conferencing Zone Week in Review: Pinnaca, PGi, Microsoft

October 15, 2016

Welcome to another look at all the top stories making headlines in the conferencing market this week.

First some fun news out of Japan where cosmetics company Shiseido announced it has come up with a pretty good idea to help people look their best while on a video conference.

Instead of spending an hour or more grooming and painting your face to look presentable on camera and maybe picking up the mess your kid left behind in the background, the app uses facial technology to add makeup styles on to the user’s face and even blurs the background to leave the focus on you.

The “TeleBeauty” app, developed together with Microsoft Japan, reportedly began as an idea back in the ‘90s and is currently undergoing an experimental user testing phase on Skype for Business.

Also this week, PGi, a provider of collaboration software and services, announced a new large-scale conference events offering.

The new offering makes it possible for customers to schedule large-scale conference events globally with thousands of participants on the line. It also means users can schedule an event anywhere in the world and have participants reserve an in-language operator.

In the business market, video conferencing continues to play a big role. A new report out from Persistence Market Reports shows just how big of a market platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for video communications is becoming.

According to the report, by the end of this year, the global video PaaS market will be worth $97.67 million.

Finally, news this week came from Pinnaca and Vyopta about a partnership where the two companies will work together to monitor enterprise video conferencing usage.

Pinnaca can now offer Vyopta’s vAnalytics solution for real-time monitoring with an integrated system for single or multivendor video conferencing environments.

“Our solution simplifies video conferencing monitoring so organizations can understand the quality they are delivering, improve the user experience, grow adoption and optimize their video investments,” said Marc Haimsohn, Vyopta’s senior director of business development.

That’s all for this week – be sure to check back for all the latest Conferencing news as it happens. Until next week…