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New Makeup App Lets You Get Pretty for Video Conferences

October 12, 2016

No one likes to get on camera when they aren’t looking their best. Everything from fear of looking fat to dark circles and bags under your eyes can make you go running when someone pulls out a camera. But what about the scenarios where you don’t have a choice? Video conferencing is becoming more commonplace for businesses today because it saves money and increases efficiency.  While it’s true that the benefit of not having to even leave your home to attend a meeting is terrific, you also now have to look your best when you maybe haven’t even considered taking off your pajamas.

One of the great things about makeup is that it conceals and enhances your features so that you may project to the world a look that’s more appealing to the eye. This takes time though. Unless you have a nice hour to sit and layer it all on, chances are you’ll take the low maintenance route – and even that doesn’t look good on camera.

Popular cosmetics company Shiseido Co. has a pretty good idea to help video conference attendees still look presentable when videoconferencing and it doesn’t involve needing to buy any pricey makeup or learning how to apply it.

Instead the company is now offering “TeleBeauty” a new app developed together with Microsoft Japan that adds a filter to a participants face and applies makeup on them for the conferencing session.

Users can pick from options including natural, trendy, cool, or feminine makeup and even blur the background in case there is a mess they’d prefer others not see.

The app, which the company reportedly started to develop in the 90’s, is currently undergoing an experimental user testing phase on Skype for Business.

The app isn’t only for women either. With the ability to adjust and brighten ones skin it also helps men to appear more clear and professional when on camera.

There has been a giant push from government in Japan to get more people telecommuting and working from home. This is not only more efficient but it’s a great way to help with work-life balance and to get more women into the workforce. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle