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Torsh TALENT Gains Videoconferencing, Web Chat

October 04, 2016

Torsh has developed TALENT, its online video hosting service, to allow organizations such as schools and professional development institutions to share continuing education content with their educators. Torsh brands its product as a data management platform that can allow groups to share information while also measuring the effectiveness of their materials.

To aid in those capabilities, Torsh has now added Web-based chat and videoconferencing to its tutoring service. This allows school administrators to interact with as many as six educators at once. Courtney Williams, the CEO or Torsh, stated that this new feature will streamline the manner in which educators and their mentors use TALENT and interact with one another.

“Previously, teachers and their professors needed to access TALENT plus a webinar service to facilitate their online professional development work,” Williams said. “TALENT’s new live video conferencing and chat gives teachers and their coaches a more robust tool with which to accomplish their professional development and training goals.”

TMC has pinpointed the primary benefit of videoconferencing applications: they allow easy connection between individuals from nearly any location. As long as educators, in this case, have access to a decent Internet connection, they can make use of TALENT from their homes, on the road, or in the classroom. Torsh even notes in its TALENT information page that its service tries to meet the bandwidth constraints of individuals in its network.

Even with that consideration, not everyone will have equal access to bandwidth that can support a live video-based chat with multiple individuals. The new Web chat feature within TALENT can help bridge that gap. This accessory service, which may be seen as secondary to videoconferencing, may also be quicker and better suited to shorter exchanges of information. In any case, it is part of the growing reach of unified communications in the workplace that now has a global revenue of billions of dollars because of its dispensation of various forms of communications modes that cater to individuals’ needs.

Educators and mentors should benefit from these additions to Torsh’s software by gaining an ease of use of video and Web chat. When wanting to speak with colleagues, they will no longer need to employ a third-party service just to have a conversation. Instead of trying to work with multiple applications, they can stay inside TALENT for everything they need regarding professional development. This provision of a one-stop shop for educational materials will now have the opportunity to look more attractive to potential clients in education and become more functional for existing patrons of the service.