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Konftel Releases Unite Conference Call Mobile App

September 20, 2016

Konftel, a developer of communications software and manufacturer of IP phones, has announced the release of its new Unite mobile app, which allows users to dial into conference calls and online meetings with a single click.

Unite means to work with major conference call applications. It can sync with users’ calendars and work for personal mobile devices and Konftel phones. Jeff May, the UK sales director at Konftel, remarked about the ease of joining calls with his company’s new software.

“With the Konftel Unite app, users are just a click away from joining a conference call,” May said. “Imagine driving and having to enter a 13 digit-long entry code to join a phone meeting. Not only is it a stressful situation, it’s downright hazardous! Konftel Unite makes mobile collaboration safe and easy.”

He continued by noting that many professionals often fill their days with back-to-back meetings. Such schedules can be difficult to manage because participants often must manually dial conferences and also must manually manage appointments in their calendars. When anyone has just finished a meeting and has only a handful of minutes to reach the next, fumbling through contact numbers and calendars is no way to prepare. At the very least, Unite can give employees a breather between meetings.

The app’s functionality does not end with its ability to reach conferences and work with calendars. It also allows users to take text or voice notes during a call. This way, the active app used to initiate a meeting can also serve as a personal message board. In addition, when the call has completed, users can choose to share notes with colleagues and have Unite email that dictation to personal contacts.

Konftel remarked that this app means to serve users who are always on the road. With remote work on the rise, the new app is sure to have a wide audience that could benefit from its one-click calling. TMC explains that mobility is seen as critical to the growth of many companies and that many remote workers swim in conference calls, emails, company network interactions, and messaging made possible through desktop and mobile applications. Any apps that can make those tasks simpler therefore should be embraced – exactly the reaction Konftel can appreciate.

Edited by Alicia Young