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Move Over Boardroom, Conferencing Just Got Portable

September 16, 2016

Conferencing is an important function of any business today. Whether large or small, the need for workers to communicate with clients, partners and staff members remains constant. While advancements in conferencing technology have made it possible for these communications to be more efficient and valuable, there are always improvements to be had.

Today, as offices spaces transform and become a much more  tight-knit collaborative effort than the large, formal offices of the past, the need to have conferencing solutions that still deliver quality clear audio, but that can be versatile to meet changing needs has become necessary.

Revolabs announced the YVC-300 portable USB and Bluetooth conference phone from Yamaha to meet this need. Available in the U.S. at an MSRP of $449 and targeted for small collaboration spaces (groups of four to six people), the offering is powered by USB, making it easy to take and use anywhere a meeting needs to happen.

This not only eliminates the cost of dedicated clunky equipment in-house and the need for a standing solution every conference room, but it also helps IT teams keep track of equipment and reduce complexity.

Denise Iverson Director of User Experience and Product Marketing at Revolabs said the solution is especially unique for today’s market because it’s been engineered for groups, but it’s also portable. “Sometimes it’s not practical to put dedicated equipment in every meeting space.  This is an easy solution for the changing workplace where small groups often gather to work in open collaboration areas.”

Many offices today are also making use of “touchdown spaces,” Iverson noted, where workers come into the office and just grab an open space to work from. For businesses, this presents a unique opportunity to lend out equipment for the time it’s needed and then have users check it back in with IT.

Randall Lee Director of Strategic and Channel Marketing at Revolabs also spoke with yours truly about the new Yamaha product the company has taken to market. Lee noted that not only does it help fill out their product offering to be able to deliver smaller groups with clearer and louder quality conferencing than any other USB powered device on the market, but it’s also a product that incorporates Yamaha’s expertise to provide for a great, intelligible conference experience. This includes adaptive echo cancellation, background noise reduction and human voice activity detection.

With so many people today using their personal devices for work and play, the YVC-300 is a great option. The power comes from the USB so once it’s connected to a computer there is no extra power supply needed. Using a Bluetooth connection it also turns smartphones and tablets into conference phones, becoming the microphone and speaker for mobile calls. And using the analog audio input and output terminals the phone can connect to videoconferencing systems as needed.  There’s even the ability to bridge calls via the three different connections into one single call.

I asked Lee and Iverson what other exciting things are going on with Revolabs and they said they’ve just started marketing and selling a product called Executive Elite 2-Channel which is a follow-on product from the Executive Elite family of wireless microphones. This is a dedicated one or two channel system that offers a variety of different microphones and gives users the option to monitor and control the system remotely through a web browser. It’s targeted mainly at the education market for use in lecture halls and auditoriums.

The company will be offering a closer look at both the new YVC-300 and the Elite 2 offering during a live Webinar on Sept. 27.

Edited by Alicia Young