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HP to Offer Meeting Rooms Package for Elite Slice PC

September 07, 2016

On the first day of September, HP announced the launch of its new Elite Slice commercial personal computer, which comes as a core unit no larger than an Internet modem that is designed to accept modular components that, for instance, offer wireless charging or use of an optical disk drive. Users just pick the modules they need and piece them together accordingly.

Now the Elite Slice will come in an official Meeting Rooms flavor that includes a set of modules that tailor to the needs of businesses that engage in conferencing. The base set of modules includes the Collaboration Cover for handling voice calls with Skype for Business and the Audio Module for speakerphone and microphone access. It also comes with the Intel Unite software that allows users to manage those and other modules before and during conference calls.

The modular nature of the Elite Slice is a jump in the market from what one might expect to find at a user’s desk or in a conference room. The core unit is much smaller than traditional PCs, but it also comes with fewer components than a traditional tower. HP is banking on the fact that its customers will not always need an optical disk drive or expanded storage, as just two examples, so it will save them money and space by not forcing them to purchase such a unit. Meanwhile, HP understands the universal need for modern processing speed and connectivity through USB and HDMI ports, so it has included those features in the base.

Customers that have a clear idea of what they want will do well with this PC. They can choose from a number of processors and storage sizes and then explore the various modules available that will click into the base without wires. Once purchased, setup of the new PC should take only a few minutes; then customers can begin exploring the Unite software to get their business calls running smoothly.

The Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms package is expected to be available for purchase later this month. HP also expects to soon release new modules for the setup and is working to support the HP LD5511 55-inch display. With a display of that size, meeting rooms that hold as many as 12 people should have easy access to the Collaboration Cover and a proper view of other participants or meeting notes on the screen.

Edited by Alicia Young