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AnyMeeting Releases Meeting 4.0 Web Conferencing

September 05, 2016

AnyMeeting has announced the release of a major update to its web-based conferencing software, Meeting. The jump to version 4.0 provides users with an updated interface alongside increased support for WebRTC and high-definition video. New mobile apps are also landing as part of the package.

AnyMeeting is branding this upgrade effort as the company’s opportunity to create more natural interactions between audioconference and videoconference attendees. Costin Tuculescu, the founder and CEO of AnyMeeting, spoke about that point. He said the changes to Meeting were made possible with his company’s many years of experience.

“In addition to delivering rich new video and audio capabilities, we wanted to democratize the online meeting and make it more like like an in-person meeting, where we can rely on social cues and natural interactions to drive conversation and collaboration. This means more freedom over muting controls, sharing controls, and a better sense of who did what in the meeting,” Tuculescu continued.

It appears easy enough to give meeting participants access to muting control and to democratize the hierarchy of meetings. However, giving participants a full sense of a meeting’s history requires a nuance that only today’s most advanced audio and video can make possible. AnyMeeting has tackled this problem by giving users native controls of as many features as possible.

For instance, previous versions of Meeting allowed users to upload videos to YouTube. Then those users could share links within AnyMeeting to guide conference participants to streaming video on the companion website. Although this may appear convenient to an extent, it moves participants out of a meeting so they can see content. It breaks the flow of the proceedings.

Meeting 4.0 allows for uploading of videos within the conference itself; users can then play back the video from their dashboards. No site switching necessary. The flow of the meeting is maintained.

This is possible because of Meeting 4.0’s full support for WebRTC. Its improved recording capabilities also allow the online platform to capture the videos users will upload and play during a session. Participants will also have the chance to see high-definition video in their sessions and experience that same high definition during playback. Support for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets brings these features in new mobile apps to all users on the go. Mobile participants will also have access to high-definition video, text chat, and note taking.