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Revolabs Offers Education on A/V Communications

August 23, 2016

Whether you’re talking about large conference rooms, huddle rooms, or desktop-based or remote communications, when it comes to audio/visual communications, crystal clear communications is table stakes. Increasingly, organizations are also looking for A/V solutions that provide affordability, ease of use and interoperability.

Arrays of solutions providers are now delivering audio conferencing and video conferencing services and software that address the requirements of an array of environments. Revolabs is one such company. In fact, as Wainhouse Research reported, Revolabs was at the recent InfoComm event talking about how both executive offices and huddle rooms require high-quality audio.

Huddle rooms are smaller areas at companies in which employees are encouraged to do planned or ad hoc video collaboration with customers, partners and peers. The rise of the huddle room is yet another indicator of the democratization of video conferencing – meaning it is no longer reserved for executives and fancy boardrooms.

Of course, whether users are in a fancy boardroom, in a huddle room or elsewhere, most of them prefer conferencing solutions that are easy and intuitive to use. That’s why cloud-based services, familiar interfaces and tracking cameras have come onto the market.

Interoperability is also becoming more important in the conferencing arena. Audio-video bridging, products that were designed to work with other conferencing solutions and interoperability partnerships among specific vendors and service providers are now allowing for this.

“We are a fan of audio-video bridging for a couple of reasons,” Amanda O’Connell, marketing program specialist, writes in a recent Revolabs blog. “It’s an open standard, which is great for interoperability between vendors. There are no royalty fees associated with network equipment that implements AVB, whereas most other networks charge a small royalty fee for using their protocols.”

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Edited by Alicia Young