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Conferencing Zone Week in Review: OpenExchange, Revolabs, RingCentral UK

August 13, 2016

No shortage of conferencing news this week, as the benefits of being able to communicate with those located across the globe via a conference call increases. Businesses are adding these solutions to their offices in hopes to increase productivity and cut costs- and they are succeeding.

This week, OpenExchange, a community based video exchange, and ELITE Connect London Stock Exchange Group’s (LSEG) online connection platform announced a partnership to improve how online meetings happen.

OpenExchange online meeting technology can now be accessed by ELITE Connect customers thanks to the deal – opening the door for more seamless global communications. 

 “OpenExchange is excited to expand its global footprint with a partner like ELITE Connect that truly believes in the value and impact of virtual meetings. Both firms have been building powerful networks and connecting our communities can significantly increase the reach and ease of use for our clients,” commented Mark Loehr, OpenExchange CEO.

Also this week, two video conferencing providers - Pinnaca and Ashton Bentley, announced they joined forces in a bid to make videoconferencing better. Mainly the companies are looking to ease the cost burden and complexities typically associated with video conferencing systems. To do so, Pinnaca will be offering Ashton Bentley’s complete modular systems globally and they will include new managed service programs that will make it easy for customers to have huddle rooms, conference rooms and boardroom meetings.

Speaking of huddle rooms, a feature this week took a closer look at how these rooms can be used to make conferencing fun.

 Huddle rooms work well for certain situations because they tend to be informal meetings and can take place in the more casual workspace.

Conferencing provider Revolabs suggests using a speaker phone with VoIP and USB connections in a huddle room for the best results. Also, with a wireless conference phone you get to eliminate cables and cords. Read more HERE.

Finally, RingCentral U.K. announced the release of a new ‘RingCentral Rooms’ conferencing service  that works alongside RingCentral Meetings  and makes it possible for users at any location to connect to a virtual meeting and easily  connect screens, cameras, microphones and speakers for a professional-looking space that can host as many as 50 participants in a single session.

 “Currently, there simply isn’t a reliable and cost-effective way for companies to deliver a professional room conferencing environment,” said Sahil Rekhi, the managing director of Europe, Middle East and Africa operations at RingCentral. “We’ve launched RingCentral Rooms to fill this gap in the U.K. market, giving our RingCentral Office customers the smoothest solution available in the region.”

That’s all for this week – be sure to check back for all the latest Conferencing news as it happens. Until next week…