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RingCentral UK Releases Rooms Conferencing Service

August 09, 2016

Sahil Rekhi, the managing director of Europe, Middle East and Africa operations at RingCentral, commented this month that there is a severe lack of options for U.K. businesses that want to create a professional videoconferencing system at their workplaces.

RingCentral U.K., a developer of conferencing software for enterprises, joined Rekhi’s market insights with the release of its latest software, RingCentral Rooms. This new product works alongside RingCentral Meetings – which allows individuals in any location to connect to a virtual meeting service – by assisting conferencing hosts with connecting their own rooms’ screens, cameras, microphones and speakers to create a professional-looking space that can host as many as 50 participants in a single session.

“Currently, there simply isn’t a reliable and cost-effective way for companies to deliver a professional room conferencing environment,” Rekhi said. “We’ve launched RingCentral Rooms to fill this gap in the U.K. market, giving our RingCentral Office customers the smoothest solution available in the region.”

Rooms does not come as a stand-alone product. It must be paired with RingCentral Office installations. Office customers already know of the capability that Rekhi’s company brings to the table. They already have their own cloud-based private branch exchange that includes many features for employees such as call forwarding and for managers such as call monitoring. Call recording, voicemail, automated attendant use, presence and support for many types of desktop phones and soft clients come standard with an installation.

Rooms takes those features further while acting as an add-on to a business’s current capabilities. Businesses can pay for only the service it needs (a single cost per month per conference room) and gain an instant method of creating a conference room from its existing hardware. Users do not need to purchase special monitors or speakers. They can use off-the-shelf equipment they may have tried with other conferencing services and expect to see success this time around.

Businesses want to know that their communications services will work without fail when they need them. Therefore, this setup where only existing Office customers can try Rooms may work to RingCentral’s advantage. RingCentral, having impressed its present customer base, can expect that those businesses will want to make more use of similar products. Rooms has the ability to work seamlessly with Office because it was made with that software in mind. Customers should reap the benefits of that pairing and, likewise, RingCentral will see benefits from this release reflected in its accounts and customer loyalty.

Edited by Alicia Young