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AppRiver Adds Dial-In Conferencing to its Lineup

July 14, 2016

Diversification is a wonderful thing, especially when the diversification allows a business to move into a somewhat related area of service. AppRiver recently demonstrated how diversification can be done right as it added dial-in conferencing services to its slate of offerings, taking advantage of what it was already doing and offering a useful extra feature to its standard lineup.

AppRiver is known as a “large-scale email hosting provider,” and was actually one of the first companies authorized by Microsoft to sell Office 365. Now, along with its Skype for Business lineup, it can also offer dial-in conferencing, rounding out its slate into a full collaboration provider. With the new service, customers can host conferencing calls right on their own computers, or even cell phones and landlines, at about half the cost of other service providers. Plus, it fits smoothly into a current setup, as the service can be managed from Outlook desktop or from Web clients, among others.

AppRiver's resellers, meanwhile, get to offer up another useful function that can work with many current offerings, making it easy to sell thanks to the clear value proposition. It may only offer a little extra utility, but the return on investment can be impressive and it takes next to nothing to add it to the current operation. Better yet, AppRiver offers several different plans in both Office 365 and hosted Exchange, and with a simple, budget-price addition, users can also get access to the dial-in conferencing and other services that come with a Skype for Business offering.

Recently, AppRiver passed the 200,000 seat mark for its Office 365 practice, showing that there are plenty of users out there who routinely turn to AppRiver to solve needs in communications systems. This should also demonstrate its effectiveness in the field because it's handled so many customers already.

Diversification done right comes when a company can build on what it's already done and slightly refine its offerings to add on to that already-established foundation. Since AppRiver has been in with Microsoft since the earliest days of Office 365, it stands to reason it would offer Skype for Business tools as well. From there, it's an easy leap to dial-in conferencing in general, and that would likely be why it got in. Now, AppRiver can offer a slate of tools for businesses looking to improve collaboration efforts, and make itself that much more valuable to the customer base.

With more mobile efforts going on, and a workforce often separated by geography, collaboration tools will be more important than ever going forward to keep everyone on the same page and producing. That's good news for AppRiver, as it expands its lineup, and for its customers, who will always have a worthwhile place to turn for quality collaboration tools. 

Edited by Alicia Young