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Wireless is the Way to Go: Now, in Conferencing Too

April 05, 2016

The wireless technology revolution continues to influence more and more areas of business, so it makes sense that such tech would find its way to the conferencing arena.

That may be one reason why conferencing giant Revolabs – with its ability to produce superior sound in complex spaces, inspired by a full portfolio of conferencing solutions – has just been awarded “Excellence in Product Innovation Award for Ease in Customization.” The recognition came courtesy of the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA), a particular sweet spot for Revolabs.

“With dedicated members including systems contractors, integrators, and manufacturers, the NSCA represents the heart of our industry,” said Rob Claus, director of global channel sales at Revolabs, in acknowledging the recognition. “It is a privilege to be selected for this award from such an eminent organization. Executive Elite wireless microphone systems really offer system designers and integrators the widest variety of options to suit any installation while guaranteeing Revolabs’ superior audio pickup and quality.”

As noted by Claus, it was Revolabs’ Executive Elite wireless microphone system that garnered the award. To enable single-point control for conferences by either the customer or for managed service providers, Revolabs said users can configure and monitor their Executive Elite wireless microphone systems locally or globally via local and remote cloud-based services.

That’s an important distinction, as system administration tasks can then be simplified through automated alerts about battery levels, or microphones going out of range; for example, when a wearable microphone leaves with the presenter. Such monitoring is also useful for gathering data about microphone and meeting room usage.

“Executive Elite microphones provide superior audio pickup, improved signal-to-noise ratio, easy operation, and enhanced digital signal communication over wireless links,” Revolabs noted. “Microphone models include omni-directional, directional, gooseneck, wearable microphones, and more. A charger holds up to eight microphones simultaneously, providing up to 20 hours of operation on a single charge.”

Edited by Peter Bernstein