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Demand for Noise Canceling Technology Means Silence is Golden

December 21, 2015

Noise cancelling is some of the most sought-after technology in the workforce, especially for places that have high call volume like call centers. With offices getting busier and conferencing rooms getting louder, noise cancelling makes it possible to focus on the task at hand.

Polycom is at the forefront of video conferencing and sound technology like noise cancellation, but its technology goes far beyond the tangible product. Its solutions are embedded in the products it makes; while you can’t see it, you can experience it. Its noise cancelling tech makes it so that much of the external sound is blocked without having to replace it with even louder sounds. It can decipher between talking, typing, or opening a bag of chips.

These disturbances can break an employee’s ability to concentrate, thus negatively impacting their work. In a crowded conference room where more than one voice is present, where multiple sounds are distracting the conversation, noise blocking is absolutely crucial. Solutions like Polycom’s Vortex Series is equipped with acoustic-echo-cancellation technology, its patented noise-cancellation technology for better conferencing.

There is a big market for audio equipment, but for Polycom, a crowded market doesn’t pose a challenge for its products and services.

According to Jim Kruger, competition means keeping on ones toes. It means you keep inventing. According to Kruger, the smaller audio businesses are focused on one specific app or part of the market, but Polycom is at an advantage because of experience and understanding customers’ needs. Solving real problems, like noise cancelling, is one of those needs.

The company works with partners like Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya for product integration. Polycom’s products plug right into these environments, so there is no “rip and replace,” according to Kruger.

Hear more of what Kruger had to say at this year’s Editor’s Day in Santa Clara in this exclusive interview: