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Video Conferencing and Marketing: The Perfect Marriage

December 14, 2015

Business trips have begun to lose their importance in the business culture. The changes in culture and technology eliminate the need to travel across town, state, country or globe to get face-to-face with a prospective client. Video conferencing (VC) has made this possible, and although the technology has been around for some time, until now the cost excluded all but the largest of organizations. 

With VC now available to everyone, the technology is seeing new applications. In an article written by Steve Olenski on Forbes titled, “Leveraging The Power Of Video Conferencing In Marketing,” he points out VC can excel in establishing relationship between companies.

The reason video is able to stand out, according to Olenski, is that it can really differentiate itself from other forms of communication, such as emails, phone calls and texts because it is more personal. Whether it is for corporate news, product launches, customer training and even press briefings, he argues video is the king of communications.

Companies big and small have known the value of talking directly to a client face-to-face, but it was not always feasible. But with VC, the benefit of addressing an audience directly can be integrated with more options. Sessions can include presentations, spreadsheets, video files, websites and other data.

Today’s VC technology is not premises driven, available only to the people that are present in a conference room. Cloud technology, mobile and wireless broadband have increased the limitations of traditional VC solutions. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet or personal computer can join and participate in a video conference, no matter where they are.

As it applies to marketing, companies can expand their video marketing campaigns to include partners, vendors and even individual consumers that want to participate. The product launches of tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft and others by their CEOs are great examples of the power of video.

Here’s the good news: VC technologies that are available in the marketplace, whether free or for sale, are easy to use. Marketing departments can start using video to deliver their message with more impact from lead generation, to closing the deal and providing customers support. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere