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ConferenceCam Connect Provides Portable Conferencing Solutions

December 14, 2015

There’s a lot of market reporting in the tech sector, and for a time, interest in video conferencing has been on the rise. Vendors have been reporting growing sales, and customers are looking to use video conferencing to either replace travel or improve collaboration for distributed workgroups.

Conferencing also offers compelling financial and technical advantages, which is why a number of businesses around the globe are investing in video technology. Businesses can extend their service hours, lower their employee turnover, and transcend geography, as a virtual contact center can be set up anywhere.

Of course, the devices we use to engage in Web conferencing directly affect the quality of virtual collaboration. Built-in cameras on desktops or front-facing cameras on mobile devices don’t always allow huddle rooms, conference rooms, or executive offices to see the bigger picture – literally and figuratively.

As video conferencing adoption grows, companies are increasingly looking at ways to integrate it into their communications architectures, extend video conferencing to mobile and remote users via desktop and cellular devices, enable video conferencing across company boundaries, and meet the need to manage video delivery and quality.

Logitech designs peripherals that work in all instances of tech communication, and its ConferenceCam Connect aims to solve a lot of the video conferencing woes.

Its cylindrical design means that it’s small, easy to carry, and aesthetically looks better than bulky, obtrusive equipment. The device allows for everyone, not just one person, to be seen and heard with its 90-degree field of view and digital pan. No longer will everyone have to huddle around a small, inconspicuous camera to collaborate with colleages.

Unlike traditional conference calls, emails or texts, a live video conference allows the participants to see facial expressions and body language; meetings become a lot more personal.

Given its benefits and ability to reduce costs and improve collaborative efforts, it’s no wonder the video market is on the up and up, helping enterprises do more with a lot less hassle.  See Jason Moss’ demonstration of Logitech’s ConferenceCam Connect at Editor’s Day in Santa Clara and find out how this device is helping organizations do conference calls better. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere