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Tely Brings Video Conferencing to the Huddle Space

November 18, 2015

Are you video conferencing? Perhaps your company occasionally employs video conferencing for special board meetings, or it’s limited to senior executives only. Maybe that’s because up until now, it’s been too expensive or difficult to deploy. That may have been true when dealing with antiquated legacy systems, but not so today.

Tely, for instance—a leader in video communications— recently introduced the Tely 200, a video collaboration endpoint that can easily be used with a broad array of cloud-based video conferencing services. The Tely 200 is aimed at huddle rooms, which are small areas of an office where 10 to 12 employees can come together and collaborate with others over video.

Research shows 87 percent of video conference users feel more connected to their colleagues and believe they’re more productive and efficient. What’s more, expectations for a more flexible work environment are greater than ever for today’s millennials, so businesses need to step-up and meet those demands if they expect to attract a high-quality workforce.

Tely’s president and CEO, Todd Abbott, sat down with TMC at Silicon Valley Editor’s Day and had this to say:

“Video conferencing, because of the cost and visibility, has almost become an executive, upper middle management technology with big IT to support it, yet most of the collaborations taking place in companies is with the new millennial workforce and with the masses of large enterprises. The industry hasn’t done a good job of bringing the right form factors, the right price points into those huddle spaces and conference rooms, and that’s what we’re very much focused on doing.”

The Tely 200 offers these benefits to address this growing need:

  • A simple and intuitive user interface: Instantly join a virtual meeting room with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar Support. It’s customizable, and allows any enterprise to simultaneously view video and share content on dual screens.
  • Huddle space collaboration: The Tely 200 comes with an integrated high definition 1080p camera that contains an 85 degree diagonal field of view, designed for huddle space collaboration that can be set up instantly and anywhere.
  • Integrates with existing cloud video solutions and networks: Including Acano, BlueJeans, Pexip, and Zoom, to name a few.
  • Interoperates with existing enterprise video conferencing solutions: Including Avaya, Cisco, LifesSize and Polycom.
  • Easy to deploy and centrally manage: Using the Tely Portal, a cloud-based management offering with an intuitive browser-based interface, IT can deploy, configure and manage each Tely endpoint remotely.

Whatever your company’s current proclivity is toward video conferencing, now it’s easier than ever to adopt a more extensive policy within your organization thanks to the Tely 200.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere