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4 Ways To Use Video Conferencing to Support A Community Cause This Holiday Season

November 16, 2015
By Special Guest
Larry Dorie, CEO of RHUB Communications -

For a variety of organizations - from retailers, to grocery stores, to numerous corporate offices - the holiday season represents the peak time of year for giving back to the community.  In fact, 38% of people who donate to charity said they are more likely to do so during the holiday season.  And, believe it or not, 50% of consumers who were surveyed worldwide said they would be willing to pay more for goods and services from socially responsible companies.

Of course, while many companies are currently reviewing their budgets to see what financial contributions they can actually afford to make, they may have to look for ways to be creative with their giving efforts since corporate spending may be a little tight this year.  In fact, just this past May, it was reported that even some well-known brands like McDonalds, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and Fisher Price had experienced declines in revenue.

The good news is organizations don't have to spend a lot of money in order to give back to the community. Moreover, there are some great ways for them to use the everyday tech tools that are already at their fingertips, like video conferencing, to be charitable and bring some holiday cheer.  

Using video conferencing for charity is especially useful now that so many enterprise platforms like TurboMeeting have enhanced features, like remote access, remote support, webinars, video and audio solutions. Moreover, enterprise level video conferencing is great for connecting multiple people, or even large groups, making it more useful than one-to-one platforms like FaceTime. Moreover, these robust capabilities can be used in some innovative ways that truly benefit the community.

With this in mind, below outlines four ways that organizations can leverage their video conferencing platform to make an emotional connection this holiday season.

  • Companies can be charitable and donate some time on their video conferencing platform to an entire family that can't afford to make it home for the holidays to chat with their loved ones or to allow soldiers (or an entire military base) to connect with their loved ones back home. This will make a huge impact on families in need and will allow your customers to see you as caring about the community. In fact, statistics continue to show that customers love to support caring, and generous socially-responsible companies.
  • Companies can give their employees a day away from the office by allowing them to work from home and by encouraging them to host all of their onsite meetings via video conferencing instead. Employees will appreciate your removing their commute time for that day and for helping them to work smarter, instead of always working harder.
  • Companies can host fun and engaging holiday webinars. Webinars don't always have to be educational (and boring), so instead use them to share fun and exciting tips that employees and/or customers would love to enjoy --- like holiday webinars on great gift ideas or on holiday baking and cooking tips....just light and cheerful topics that all customers and employees can enjoy.
  • There are so many everyday people that have tech issues with their home computers and lap tops. However, sometimes they can't afford the IT support required to fix them. As such, have your company's IT department to donate a bucket of FREE IT support hours to the community, which can now be done remotely using the latest collaboration technologies.  

It’s important to realize that giving back to the community can be done in a variety of ways beyond just financial gifts.  If budgets are limited this season, simply look for ways to leverage your office technology (and even your wireless solutions) to add value and show that you care.  Your customers and the people you serve will greatly appreciate it!

About the Author

Larry Dorie is CEO of RHUB Communications, the creators of TurboMeeting, a 6-in-1 collaboration solution, and a technology used by a number of leading brands. Previously, Larry was the CEO of two start-ups, eB2X and Semantic Sciences. He has an outstanding track record in growing businesses and developing high-performance teams

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