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Now Hear This: Echo-Canceling Conference Phones Arrive from Revolabs

October 07, 2015

It’s been the curse of conference calls as long as there have been conference calls: echoes in the background that make it difficult – if not impossible – to clearly hear what’s being said and respond appropriately.

Now a new offering from Revolabs, a premier provider of audio solutions for unified communications, enterprise collaboration, and professional audio applications across a wide range of markets, has arrived to help ease that problem and make communicating easier.

The company has announced it has improved the acoustic echo canceller (AEC) technology in its FLX UC line of conference phones to support up to 16 kilohertz audio.

“The improved echo cancellation allows the microphones to match the performance of the dual-speaker system in the FLX UC product line,” Revolabs said in a statement, “creating a robust, high-performance audio platform for unified communications that allows users to hear every word in a conference call.”

AEC is the technology that allows bidirectional, full-duplex audio in conference phones, enabling natural communication among a call’s participants, the company explained. “Because of the significant processing power and complex algorithms required for using ultra-wideband frequencies, many conference phones cut audio at 8 kilohertz or below, which results in an artificial-sounding user experience.”

The new echo cancellation implementation supports up to 16 kilohertz audio for more natural sound.

“Studies have shown that adding higher frequencies to audio communications makes it easier to differentiate sounds, which can greatly improve the listening experience, so we’ve made a point of steadily improving the audio fidelity in our products,” said Tim Root, Revolabs’ CTO. “Ultra-wideband technology produces the most natural sound. By moving to 16 kilohertz, ultra-wideband audio, we’re boosting the intelligibility factor significantly across a wide variety of languages. The upshot is that, when people can hear each other more clearly, they can collaborate more easily.”

The FLX UC 500, UC 1000, and UC 1500 conference phones have already started shipping with ultra-wideband echo cancellation. And for those existing customers with FLX UC 500, UC 1000, and UC 1500 units already installed, they can get the new echo canceller by downloading a free firmware upgrade from Revolabs’ support website.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere